Seen any bugs? Ha ha ha... Let me know.

First bug!

The character creation tool got its first scrib bug reported! The way it processes starting spells is a bit off due to wrong instructions, but thanks to a helpful comment on the BethSoft forums I now know the correct way to determine starting spells and will fix it soon.

This fix will require a major change in the server code, so if things get a bit wonky after the fix, let me know. I'll be paying attention to messages like a kwama worker pays attention to kwama eggs! And by that I do not mean walking up and down aimlessly as if they didn't exist...

Get in touch

If you ever find any similar errors or have any ideas or comments regarding this site, you can now send them to me using the contact form. The fields should be pretty much self-explanatory. As for me getting back to you, you can use an e-mail address, a Twitter handle or a Facebook or Google+ profile URLs. And if you don't want me to reply, just leave the field empty.

So get in touch! I'll be happy to receive anything, but please be constructive if you start criticizing.