Backend overhaul

This took me long enough, but I finally got all required data into the database and rewrote a sizable portion of the site to reflect that. These changes should be completely invisible to you, unless I broke something in the process. I didn't touch the character strings in the URLs, so all your existing character links should still work.

Starting spell bug fix

The starting spell selection is now implemented completely differently and should work correctly. It checks the chance of successfully casting each starting spell instead of merely relying on major and minor skills.

Minor character creator changes

The display for powers, abilities and spells is slightly improved. Apart from listing the effects, spells now also display their chance to cast and cost.

The next site update will simplify character plan sharing, since it's somewhat clunky at the moment.

Bug reports

With such massive changes, I can only hope no new bugs got introduced. If you do find any errors, please let me know via the contact form. Thanks.