Share a gift, share a... character!

You can now share your character plans and random results via the sharing sections, which are located right below the character sheets. These sections don't show up until there is actually something to share, though.

Just click the labels or the text boxes and the text should automatically select itself if you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Then you can copy the contents and paste them anywhere you want.

BBCode and raw URL

BBCode is what most forums use for post formatting. You can recognize it by the square brackets around special tags. The sharing BBCode is designed to give a quick character overview. You get a link to the character plan on this site and the character description, which consists of his or her sex, race, birthsign, specialization, favored attributes, major skills and minor skills.

You can use the raw URL if you want to post the link to the character plan on blogs, forums that don't use BBCode or anywhere else, actually. The raw URL is extremely versatile and how you use it is entirely up to you.

Sharing over social networks

I am going to add Facebook, Twitter and Google+ sharing in the next couple of days, so go tidy up your gaming lists, groups or circles in your favorite social networks!