Potion maker (alpha)

I've added a potion-making tool!

Still in alpha stage

Since it's fresh out of the oven, things might not work completely as planned. I think nothing is broken using the Morrowind Code Patch fixes, but I have no real knowledge about the fortify/drain/restore attribute effect selection in vanilla, so I just improvised a bit there. If anyone knows more about that topic, be sure to get in touch and enlighten me.

Alpha also means that all functionalities aren't implemented yet. At the moment it's pretty much just a simplified remake of in-game potion making, so you can only select your ingredients and see if they give you any potion effects. Which is nice for playing around without going into the game, but it isn't particularly breathtaking.

But fear not!

Planned features

I plan on adding ingredient suggestions and better explanations regarding the potion effects. This should simplify things for gamers with less alchemy experience.

More testing in vanilla is also in order to ensure correctness, so I'll need to find some time for that as well. I'd appreciate any help with that, too.

Start mixing!

So go play around! Mix up your favorite potions and see if the tool comes up with expected results.

And as always, if you find any errors or think something is missing, let me know via the contact form.