Potion Maker gets effect analysis

The Potion Maker finally gets the potion effect analysis section.

Potion effect analysis

This analysis is a table that contains all effects by the current ingredients and shows their sources with a convenient link to remove said sources. The "Notes" column also lists unused ingredients with those effects and provides an easy way to add them. You also get a note if any effect comes from more than two sources, which could mean a wasted ingredient!

In addition to being listed above the effect analysis, actual potion effects are clearly marked with a green background in the analysis table for better visibility.

If any of the effects become a victim of the multiple fortify, drain or restore attribute bug, they are marked with a reddish background and that fact is also noted in the "Notes" column. The alpha warning still holds here. I am not sure how this multiple effect selection really works, so I just winged it. If you see any difference from vanilla, please let me know (or apply the Morrowind Code Patch for this, everything works properly there).

Future features

I still plan on expanding the Potion Maker with some additional stats (effect strength, potion weight and chance of successfully brewing it), but some of these require formulas I don't yet have.

My to-do list also contains at least two other obvious alchemy tools: a search tool where you'll be able to search for ingredients and their effects and an inventory checker that will allow you to mark the ingredients your character has in his or her possession and show you the possible potions you can make with those. All without browser plugins!

Mix away!

Whether via the form or via the new add/remove ingredient features, go ahead and play with the tool.