NPC classes added

You can now also choose NPC classes in Character Creator and Class-based Random Character Generator.

Character Creator

NPC classes appear next to the playable ones in the drop-down for loading class data. They are cleverly marked with an "(NPC)" suffix.

Class-based Random Character Generator

You now have class selection options at the top of the page. Using these you can make Azura the generator choose between vanilla playable classes, vanilla NPC classes, or both!

When a character with an NPC class is generated, "(NPC class)" is added to the class name to mark it as such.

Note: unfortunately, to create such a character in the game, you will have to create a custom class and manually pick the specialization, favored attributes and skills, because these classes are not marked as playable.

Next up: custom classes

I am working on adding a database of custom classes. The first couple of classes should be up soon, and later you will also be able to add your own classes for other inventive gamers to see.

So get your thinking caps on and start inventing great custom classes!