IGDB? ZOMG, w00t!

The Inventive Gamer Database has arrived!

*cue chirping crickets*


The Inventive Gamer Database, or IGDB as I fondly call it (and secretly hope you will, too), is the place where I intend to collect all sorts of creative and inventive gaming ideas that Inventive Gamers such as yourself may come up with and preserve them... forever!

At the moment, IGDB:Morrowind only has an admittedly short list of custom character classes, but I'm working on making it possible for you to add your own custom classes and rate and comment on existing ones.

Future sections

Once the infrastructure for all that is in place, I will add sections for showcasing your potions, spells, and perhaps most importantly, characters.

Every so often I see members of the Morrowind communities wondering where they could present their Morrowind characters or chronicle their adventures. My plan is to make IGDB:Morrowind that place.

If you have any custom classes you would like to add before I implement the edit pages, contact me and I will make it happen.