Game data? Very class-y!

Why game data?

The goals for are providing tools, game data and communities. There are already some tools around, and game data felt like a logical step onwards. I already have the data in the database in order for tools to work, and putting it up for display is really not that much work.

What about the UESP?

The UESP provides an unmatched source of data when it comes to Elder Scrolls series, but the vision for is not to become just another wiki. There are already enough UESP clones. This site is here to provide an option for exploring the social aspect of providing game data via comments and ratings (nope, not done yet) and flexible data display. The wiki format is pretty static and rigid, whereas I plan on adding filtering capabilities to all game data lists.

In no way would I even attempt to draw in crowds of editors that so painstakingly made the UESP what it is. That site represents a truly gargantuan effort. I just have an hour here and there.