Become an Inventive Gamer

Finally, membership is here!

Master plan

My master plan was to make a network of sites for different games, providing tools that enhance gaming and make it easier, including various gaming ideas, guides, comments and whatnot provided by gaming communities. But to this point, there was no way for communities to grow.

And now there is. Just sign up, become an Inventive Gamer and start contributing. You can start by adding custom character classes to the IGDB.

Future features

Character gallery

The first thing coming up is a place for you to show off your characters and chronicle their adventures. I have at least two characters just begging for a write-up, and in my opinion gaming forums are not suitable for that. There must be a better way, and I intend to find it. Sure, I might get lost a couple of times, but I am quite stubborn.

Social features and other widgets

Comments, ratings and polls are rather obvious features for sites that want to foster communities. They aren't particularly high on my list of priorities, but they are on the list.

Connecting the tools and IGDB

I also plan on adding more connections between the tools and the IGDB. For instance, there should be an easy way to create a custom character class using the character planner. Stuff that improves usability.

So sign up!

In the words of the immortal (not really) Dagoth Uthol: we'd be glad to have you join us!