Here are some helpful tools for your Morrowind gaming:

  • Character planner

    A must-have in the character planning phase, this tools shows you the starting character sheets for different builds much faster than the clunky in-game character generation process. You also get to share your plan and load data from existing character classes.

  • Random character generator

    If you're suffering from a case of gamer's block and can't come up with a new character to take to Morrowind, then a random character generator is what you need. Check what fate has in store for you and let it define your new character. This tool completely randomizes your character.

  • Class-based random character generator

    This tool also randomizes your character, but locks the character specialization, favored attributes, major skills and minor skills to character class definitions. You can choose between any combination of vanilla playable, vanilla NPC and custom character classes.

  • Potion maker

    Select your ingredients and see what kind of potion you get, including effect strengths! This tool also suggests ingredients with similar effects, making it the perfect companion for the budding alchemist in Morrowind.

  • Spell maker

    Plan your character's custom spells in advance. Select your magic effects and their ranges, magnitudes, durations and areas and see how much the spell will cost. If you enter your character's magic skills, willpower and luck, you will also see the chance to cast.